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Problems are inevitable, but they’re a learning opportunity

by | Sep 14, 2021

The key skill of life is learning how to navigate through problems. Whether you like it or not, you will face a wide range of problems throughout life, some trivial and some life-threatening. Problems are inevitable but all problems are solvable or can be made less severe by approaching them with the right attitude. The majority of problems are solved just by tactical patience. 

In retrospect, look at the scariest problems and difficulties you have faced in your life and notice how the outcome was often less severe than you had initially thought.  Usually, we overestimate a negative outcome. That’s how our brains are built – to fear and be hyper-alert to the unknown that threatens us. 

For all kinds of problems, be slow with reacting aggressively. Intentionally delay negative reactions and do not hesitate to do what helps solve the problem for good. 

The people you disagree with today could be your become your best partners or collaborators tomorrow, it all depends on how you solved previous issues with them. 

You don’t have infinite energy, so you have to choose your battles carefully. In reality, things that start as problems can become great opportunities if only you are smart enough to manage the challenge skillfully. 

For someone who has risen above their monkey (primitive) mind, problems become another part of life that you will inevitably face and have to find the best ways to solve. Every problem is an opportunity to learn and improve on this skill. 

From small problems to big ones, no matter how much you panic, the outcomes are going to be good or less severe if you are more thoughtful and slow with negative reactions. Be willing to find a common ground for all parties. Problems are inevitable, be antifragile, life is hard – face it!

How do you currently deal with the challenges in your life? Share with me in the comments section below.



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