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The 4 am Daily Program

Season 4 of the 4 am Daily is ongoing. Basically, it is all about waking up every day at 4 am for 6 weeks and learn something. Participants are evicted when they miss thrice. This program is built on the psychological fact that, if you do something consistently for >21 days you will build a new habit and doing it with a peer support system enforces that habit. In this edition, the theme is building sustainable habits for career and personal development. Learners are expected to wake up every 4 am for the next 6 weeks and use that time to learn something of their choice. The program will run from the 31st of May to 11th July 2021. Also, there have several sessions either weekly or bi-weekly...

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How to Learn Hard Things

A few weeks ago I was discussing with a friend who shared a brilliant idea with me. He was confused and not confident enough to make it work. Our conversation was fascinating for me because, for the past couple of years, I had fought strongly inside me to build the mental power to bet on myself and learn the seemingly hard stuff. Anyways!  After self-learning a wide range of skills; including graphic and web design, programming, business and complex clinical research methods,  I’m more than convinced that self-learning is the only way to attain self-actualisation. Everything you need to be anything in today’s world is available on the internet. In the words of Naval Ravikant, one of...

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Learn how to learn

Schools don’t really teach people how to learn. Somehow you learn how to learn all by yourself. Some people become good at it and excel and those who are bad at it end up considering themselves less intelligent. Teaching students how to learn would significantly improve school performance and success in life. There are many adults moving around feeling less intelligent just because they did not get it right from the outset. If there is a skill that is worth your attention today, it’s learning how to learn. I took this McMaster Online Course on Coursera that really helped me understand how learning works. Just by understanding how learning works, you will change how you view learning. I...

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10 thoughts keeping me awake in November

These are the things running through my mind a lot lately: You can learn anything possible, what is difficult to have is the motivation. A growth mindset is the driver of accelerated learning. There is always so much you don’t have a clue about that can illuminate and improve your next decision - find it.Humans are just more rational apes rationalizing their irrationality. Treat others kindly and most of them will reciprocate love and kindness. Pick the hardest things in life and chose to do them in a passionate way. Passion is not innate, comfort zones are. Give before you ask - therefore aim to do good at all times, the benefits compound drastically over time. Invest in networks and know...

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