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How to make your social media use very valuable

by | Apr 23, 2022

Do you spend most of your time on social media? Do you feel like you are unable to put down your phone and do something more valuable with your time? If Yes, what I’m about to discuss will help you find ways to turn your social media use into something positive.

Instead of only mindlessly scrolling through pictures of people you don’t know and reading opinions that make you anxious and angry, you could also identify the things you love and find accounts, pages, and groups that talk about those things. 

For example, let’s say you are a lawyer, you could follow the best lawyers (top minds)  or organisations sharing emerging trends in law worldwide, join groups and follow pages that share content that could transform your career. Go ahead and search for those accounts, pages, and hashtags using popular keywords. Through the accounts you find in your search, discover other relevant accounts connected to them. The goal is to populate your feed with at least 40% content that puts you in a situation of constant learning as this content becomes a remarkable part of your feed. You can do this for multiple skills or interests. 

After you do this, your feed will become a mix of fun, education, and entertainment. For example, when you finish arguing under a 237 Showbiz post, the next post can be how to solve A or B in your industry. This is a big system for learning without sweating. You will not notice the transformation but with time this will be life-transforming. The internet is our best bet to becoming anything. 

Start doing this today!




    This is great and helpful. Thank you for the write up

    • Tabi Stephanie

      Thanks so much
      This is really helpful and yes I’ll start today.

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