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Benefit from rejection and failure

by | Jan 26, 2022

If you can deal with the terrible feeling of rejection you will succeed far more by daring to try more and more.

To an extent, rejection is an illusion, it only destroys your ego (a false sense of self-worth to be more precise).

For example, what do you actually have to lose if you apply for 100 jobs and get rejected 95 times?

Here is what you get to gain for gracefully failing 95 times:

  1. You learn what employers want in a candidate from a real world interaction.
  2. You learn the skill of writing a CV and interviews by learning and improving after each application.
  3. If you ask the interviewers what they think you can improve on, you get huge feedback that is very valuable.
  4. It exposes your weaknesses to you, something that is very hard to figure out own your own.

Now, can you see how important rejection and failure can be? I know people who apply for jobs just for the purpose of having these insights in anticipation of a future position they are not yet qualified for.

Extend this to even seeking a life partner, or whatever and you will notice that there is a huge upside and very low downside to daring to get rejected.

In entrepreneurship, in particular, you need to be right just once to make up for all the times you have been wrong if you are daring enough to build very high-value ideas.

If you treat failure like the ultimate teacher you will not fear it.


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  1. Johney Melpsa

    Reading this post made me realise that I fear failure because I am uncomfortable being told about my flaws. Maybe that’s why we play the safe cards to make ourselves feel better.
    Thank you for showing us the positive side of rejection and failure, and how it can only make you better if you learn from it and work on your weaknesses.


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