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The 4 am Daily Program

by | May 26, 2021

Season 4 of the 4 am Daily is ongoing. Basically, it is all about waking up every day at 4 am for 6 weeks and learn something. Participants are evicted when they miss thrice. This program is built on the psychological fact that, if you do something consistently for >21 days you will build a new habit and doing it with a peer support system enforces that habit.

In this edition, the theme is building sustainable habits for career and personal development. Learners are expected to wake up every 4 am for the next 6 weeks and use that time to learn something of their choice. The program will run from the 31st of May to 11th July 2021.

Also, there have several sessions either weekly or bi-weekly involving panel discussions via Zoom Teleconferencing around learning hard subjects, building positive habits such as positive social media use, and how to explore your ideas and ventures.

Post Updated: 31/05/2021

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  1. Wirndzerem M. Nsoyene

    Look forward to being admitted here.

    • ebas1

      Please complete the form.

    • Dominic Nkengafac Agendia

      Wish to be part of this exercise

    • Kuaguim belle

      Great initiative Dr. Can’t wait to start this journey

    • Nkengafac Franklin

      Thanks immensely for the opportunity. Can’t wait to be part of such an amazing forum.

    • Magnilack Kuete Chanelle

      Thanks for this opportunity

    • Angwi

      I totally want in on this!🎉

    • Zam Sonita

      I will be honoured if admitted

    • Simon

      J’arrive pas à m’inscrire

  2. Piewo Edith

    I can’t wait to begin this journey! Thank you so much this opportunity.

    • Ines Kwawa

      Thanks so much for this initiative, this is one of the best thing I’ve done so far in 2021. It really helped me a lot, I’ve been able to complete a specialisation on Coursera, I improved on my self-discipline, and I even started exercising every morning!

      Thank you once again

    • Nsah Noela

      I am excited about going through the process

  3. TEGHO Joycelyn

    thanks for the opportunity

  4. Angwi Fomunyam

    I’d really love this🎉

  5. waindum Erica Ndum

    I’ve completed the form

  6. Mary A.

    Can’t wait to take part in this journey

  7. Yinike Ellen S

    I can’t wait to be part of this wonderful journey

  8. Imma

    I have completed the form

  9. Mich2ways

    When next are you doing this. Great initiative

  10. Sogol tabatabaie

    I think iam a little late for this😃, is it still possible to join the program ? Are there more available programs ?


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