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10 thoughts keeping me awake in November

by | Nov 24, 2020

These are the things running through my mind a lot lately:

  1. You can learn anything possible, what is difficult to have is the motivation.
  2. A growth mindset is the driver of accelerated learning.
  3. There is always so much you don’t have a clue about that can illuminate and improve your next decision – find it.
  4. Humans are just more rational apes rationalizing their irrationality.
  5. Treat others kindly and most of them will reciprocate love and kindness.
  6. Pick the hardest things in life and chose to do them in a passionate way.
  7. Passion is not innate, comfort zones are.
  8. Give before you ask – therefore aim to do good at all times, the benefits compound drastically over time.
  9. Invest in networks and know when to leverage network effects
  10. Always think at least 10 years into the future when picking what to invest your time in.



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